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Association of Nursing Students (ANS)

A place for pre-nursing and nursing students to come together and play games, do community service activities, and study.

Business Club

Business Club is open to all majors. We are focused on building a personal resume and giving back to the community.

Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF)

CCF is a student organization that meets weekly on campus during the semester to study God’s word. We desire to spread the love and gospel of Jesus Christ across campus with our words and actions and have fun while doing so! :)

Circle K International (Circle K Club)

Circle K is a college branch of the Kiwanis International community. Our purpose is to further students’ education through off-campus or on-campus volunteer opportunities.

Environmental Club

The IU East Environmental Club is a group of like-minded students who care about conservation, reuse, and the preservation of our natural habitats. We strive to make ourselves and our campus more environmentally friendly and have fun doing so!

First Generation Student Organization (FGSO)

The First Generation Student Organization goal is to help students succeed throughout college.

Honors Club

Any person who is a member of the IU East Honors Program is automatically admitted. The Honors Club serves to create fun activities that satisfy the goals of the Honors Program, exposing students to cultural and academic diversity.

Humanities Club

The IU East Humanities Club is a group of students and faculty who get together about once a month to enjoy arts events: musical, historical, and theatrical. We have 2-3 events per semester, some in town, many others out of town. Come join us!

Indiana University East History Club (History Club)

We plan and attend great events every semester, including the Underappreciated Historic Figure Appreciation Day, the Renaissance Festival, and museum trips. Contact us for more info!

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) Student Chapter (Red Wolf Accountants)

The IMA student chapter student group is an organization that is open to all accounting students. We promote professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities that will help students succeed in the accounting field.

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